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Puffins (photo: Wynand van Poortvliet)

‘In 2018 we had the pleasure of working with ANIMONDIAL, an award-winning global tourism consultancy committed to supporting the resurgence of the travel and tourism sector, to create our animal welfare policy. This year they are launching an education and evaluation tool for the travel industry to review and understand how they can intrinsically link areas of animal welfare, biodiversity, climate change, and sustainability, both in business processes and product offering. Part of this work is the development of a responsible travel hub of product that’s been meticulously reviewed against all of these areas in line with global standards such as ABTA, Travelife, and GSTC guidelines. I’m really excited by ANIMONDIAL’s work and will continue to watch with strong interest.’
– Heather Magnussen, Responsible Travel and Sustainability Manager, Audley Travel

‘Explore wholeheartedly support the work of ANIMONDIAL. With animal welfare sitting at the heart of so many of our trips, we needed a robust policy that will protect the wildlife around us for generations to come. Their knowledge, passion and objectivity will shape your programme as it has ours.’
– Prue Stone, Global Head of Sustainability, Explore! & Hotelplan

‘ANIMONDIAL has helped us to established policies and detailed guidelines that allow us a joint approach within the DER Touristik Group and our network of partners when dealing with animal experiences. With its wealth of expertise ANIMONDIAL has helped us to significantly raise our capacity in all issues related to animal welfare and we are grateful for the valuable cooperation.’
– Ulrike Braun, Head of Sustainability, DER Touristik Group

‘The impartiality and informed decision-making that ANIMONDIAL brought to the table was what really enabled us to define our own policies that aligned with our unique business model and brand identity.’
– Jennifer Parker, Head of Meaningful Travel, Rickshaw Travel

‘ANIMONDIAL has helped us to established policies and detailed guidelines that allow us a joint approach within the DER Touristik Group and our network of partners when dealing with animal experiences. With its wealth of expertise ANIMONDIAL has helped us to significantly raise our capacity in all issues related to animal welfare and we are grateful for the valuable cooperation.’
– Ulrike Braun, Head of Sustainability, DER Touristik Group

‘Creating and developing our Animal Welfare policy was made so much more manageable by using the ANIMONDIAL Starter kit and would thoroughly recommend it. The professional free advice was invaluable and very inspirational. Thank you so much!’
– Diana Stallwood-Codrington, Director, Nomadic Tours

‘Daniel has provided us with invaluable guidance on our product portfolio. With Daniel’s support we have improved the welfare of animals in tourism throughout the STA Travel supplier chain and raised awareness of STA Travel’s stance on animal welfare with consumers and the wider travel industry.’
– Emma Snipp, Head of Safety and Responsible Tourism, Global Land Product, STA Travel

‘Travelife for Tour Operators recommends its members work with ANIMONDIAL for developing their animal welfare policies, recognising their in-depth knowledge of the travel industry, their strong network and 15 years of experience in animal welfare standard setting and compliance.’
– Naut Kusters,  Travelife for Tour Operators

‘Our guests trust us to make the best decisions about who we work with and what types of products and services we purchase. Animal welfare is important to us, and our product offerings need to relate to these values. It was important to us to work with experts who could review all of our offerings, give us thorough research, and help us determine whether our vendors met our expectations. That’s why we chose to work with ANIMONDIAL because we were confident that we will be empowered to make the right decisions.’ – John Sutherland, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Collette

‘ANIMONDIAL’s insight and clear expertise on animal welfare in tourism, has significantly improved our understanding of the issues at stake. Their guidance in reviewing our animal experiences and helping us develop our animal welfare policies has been invaluable.’ – Jim Millwood, Audley Travel

‘Animal welfare in the travel and tourism industry is a growing topic. Knowledge and expert guidance is scarce, and this is where ANIMONDIAL steps in. To say a person is indispensable is a big statement but that’s exactly what Daniel is in the world of animal welfare. We have worked with Daniel over the years and will continue to do so moving forward.’ – Jemma Purvis, PR and Communications, Kuoni

‘I’ve worked with Daniel for 10 years. Daniel is widely regarded as one of the leading figures in the animal welfare movement, in particular for his engagement and work with the tourism industry. He is vastly knowledgeable and experienced in the issues and in how to engage business to solve them. I have no hesitation in recommending him highly to any tourism businesses looking for support in this area.’ – Justin Francis, Founder and CEO, Responsible Travel

‘Daniel has worked tirelessly for 15 years for the protection of animals in tourism. As a direct result, animal welfare is now included in the agenda for most large tour operators.’ – Chris Thompson, former Head of Sustainability for the Federation of Tour Operators and Co-Founder of Travelife Certification


‘Daniel took us into the depths of Animal Welfare and taught us in a fun and interesting way about the Do’s & Don’t’s of animal activities in tourism. We all find it really helpful, eye-opening and inspiring. I am glad our company works together with ANIMONDIAL and I can highly recommend them for any other tour operator.’ – Svenja Ciriack, CoTravel / DER Touristik Suisse

‘The training delivered by Helen and Daniel was excellent and we had such positive feedback from all those who attended. ANIMONDIAL helped shape our animal welfare guidelines and the training involved all stakeholders from the UK business. Their knowledge of the subject is outstanding, and the training was delivered in a way which helped everyone understand why the topic is so important and definitely helped inform the way our teams work. I’d have no hesitation recommending the ANIMONDIAL team, they have been and continue to be an invaluable support.’
– Rachel O’Reilly, Head of Communications, Kuoni UK

‘I consider it vital that our future tourism graduates appreciate the importance of animal welfare in tourism. Over the years, Daniel’s ​strategic efforts have been instrumental in helping industry, in the UK and beyond, achieve considerable advancements in improving animal welfare. The students particularly appreciated learning about the challenges – and opportunities – the matter can present to industry.’
– Sean Owens, Lecturer in International Tourism Management at Manchester Metropolitan University (former Sustainable Product Manager at TUI Group)

‘Daniel very kindly agreed to speak to my final year undergraduate Animal Behaviour and Welfare students on animals in tourism. This was a fascinating topic that allowed the students to understand the animal welfare issues and implications of using animals in tourism. This highlighted the importance of the work ANIMONDIAL is doing in order to combat these issues and bring awareness to the travel industry. Daniel was a very engaging speaker and student feedback after the session emphasised this.’ – Aisling Carroll MSc, BSc (Hons), PGCE TLHE (Dist.), FHEA, Lecturer in Animal Science & Animal Outreach Coordinator,  Hartpury University

‘The workshop delivered by Daniel and Helen really hit the mark – the whole team came away feeling engaged and empowered. As everyone in our company had the chance to be involved, they really felt like they had a voice to influence the direction our business is going with, not only animal welfare, but wider environmental and social issues in our destinations.’
– Caroline King, Product Manager,  Rickshaw Travel

‘We all honestly felt like we could listen to you all day, that it was a very insightful presentation, and that it fit with what was needed. Can’t fault you for your passion! And some of the examples you gave do elucidate your points very clearly: this is a complicated topic and it is good to understand the many different ways that positive outcomes can be achieved. Thank you again.’
– John W. Sutherland, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Collette

‘ANIMONDIAL provided a worthwhile seminar on animal welfare in tourism which highlighted some key areas of interest for our members.’ – Kate Kenward, Executive Director,  AITO


‘ANIMONDIAL is an organisation whose time has come. The founder’s vision for a world of compassionate travel where corporations and tourists work together to ensure humane and sustainable excursions is laudable and I dare say no one has more expertise than Mr. Turner in how to bring this vision into reality. Animondial’s work will quickly become the gold standard in responsible travel.’
– Adam M. Roberts, former Global CEO, Born Free Foundation

‘ANIMONDIAL has been one of the first organisations who believed in the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary and supported its creation since the very early stages. The conservation world is in great need of companies like ANIMONDIAL who have animal welfare in their heart and can create bridges linking people who share the same values and want to create a real difference in the protection of wildlife.’
– Anastasia Miliou, Scientific Director, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

‘In working with ANIMONDIAL we are very quickly expanded our network of corporate partners and tour companies. We are thrilled to be working with such a passionate organisation who really are bringing compassion to tourism. We have worked on various projects with Daniel for many years and respect his insight and deep passion. Helen is powering ahead with enormous enthusiasm and passion for our work. Having their support to help us spread the word about our vital work means the world to us and we are excited to see what the future holds working together.’
– Sarah Blaine, Founder, Mahout Elephants Foundation

‘I have worked with Helen for several years within the charity sector. She has been the most influential and proactive advocate of the ‘Give as You Live’ online giving platform, her innovative and engaging approach has enabled us to raise vital unrestricted funds for 300+ charities.’
– Annabelle Risdon, Head of Charity Partnerships, Give as You Live

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