ANIMONDIAL provides a series of specialised talks and bespoke workshops to suit a variety of needs and interests. These include:

  • Animal welfare in tourism introduction
  • How to start your animal welfare journey
  • Product review and adaption
  • Introduction to charitable projects, Foundation and CSR development
  • Educational workshops for college and university students and associations

Creating travel business leaders in responsible animal protection

ANIMONDIAL, the animal tourism specialists, are hosting a series of online trainings to inform, inspire and empower people working in the travel and tourism sector to Build Back Better for Animals. If you are seeking to define or review your company’s commitment to animal protection, identify appropriate animal-based product, or just have questions answered, these trainings are for you.

1. Q&A – Navigating animals in tourism (1.5 hours)

A unique opportunity to talk ‘animals in tourism’ with the recognised expert, and pioneer in animal protection in tourism, ANIMONDIAL’s Daniel Turner. Following a short introduction to set the scene, Daniel will be available to answer all your questions on product procurement, policy development and integration, and communications in a secure, friendly, and impartial environment.

Topics covered:
The business case for protecting animals in tourism
The variety of animal-based offerings and how to navigate the issues

Capacity: 15
Cost: £25 per person + 20%* additional colleague discount
(PLUS 20%* off for Travel Association members)
* Please note discounts are applied upon use of code *

2. Meet the Experts series

An opportunity to listen to leaders in animal protection, learn about their ground-breaking initiatives and find out about the solutions, or responsible alternatives, to animal tourism challenges.

Topics covered:
An introduction to Social Impact and CSR including Sustainable Development Goals
Examples of how other businesses do it well
NGO collaborations and partnerships
Capacity: Unlimited
Cost: Donation to the participating charity

3. Workshop – Build Back Better for Animals Starter Kit (1 day course)

A starter course for travel businesses that want to become leaders in responsible animal tourism. Join us to find out how to maximise the benefit, and minimise the negative impact of tourism on animals and nature. Delivered by award-winning experts, ANIMONDIAL, and industry partners, to help businesses navigate the complex topic and make informed decisions. Designed for travel and tourism professionals only.

Topics covered:
Applied animal welfare, wildlife viewing practice and animal interactions
Referencing topics: wildlife poaching and illegal trade, biodiversity-loss and habitat degradation
Defining and integrating your animal protection commitment
How to select responsible animal experiences in your product portfolio
How to create your animal protection policy and implementation through the business
The importance of Social Impact including multi-stakeholder partnerships for change
How to ensure alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals
Positive collaboration with NGOs
Engaging management and colleagues
Maximising the positive PR

“Daniel took us into the depths of Animal Welfare and taught us in a fun and interesting way about the Do’s & Don’ts of animal activities in tourism. We all found it really helpful, eye-opening and inspiring. I am glad our company works together with ANIMONDIAL and I can highly recommend them to any other tour operator.”
– Svenja Ciriack, CoTravel / DER Touristik Suisse

ANIMONDIAL will guide you each step of the way, cutting through the complex topic, highlighting where to focus your attention to stay on course and avoid the common pitfalls. The course is split into TWO parts, each part will include 3 hours of content with a chance to ask questions and discuss issues amongst your peers.

PART 1: Get your house in order by protecting animals in your supply chain (9:30am – 12.30pm BST)
Follow a step-by-step process that will help you define and integrate your animal protection commitment.

PART 2: Go the extra mile by supporting community action (1:30pm – 4.30pm BST)
Encouraging travel businesses to better manage their negative impact in destination and build back better by supporting local regenerative projects.

Capacity: 10
Cost: £225 per person

“The training delivered by Helen and Daniel was excellent and we had such positive feedback from all those who attended. Their knowledge of the subject is outstanding, and the training was delivered in a way which helped everyone understand why the topic is so important and definitely helped inform the way our teams work. I’d have no hesitation recommending the ANIMONDIAL team, they have been and continue to be an invaluable support.”– Rachel O’Reilly, Head of Communications, Kuoni UK


1. Responsible animal tourism (1 hour)

An insight into animal protection policy in tourism, the business case, issues it seeks to address and the difficulties in its application. Includes examples, case studies and Q&A. Options to extend duration to include an interactive session. Delivered by the industry-leading expert in animal protection policy and director of ANIMONDIAL, Daniel Turner.

“I consider it vital that our future tourism graduates appreciate the importance of animal welfare in tourism. Over the years, Daniel’s strategic efforts have been instrumental in helping industry, in the UK and beyond, achieve considerable advancements in improving animal welfare. The students particularly appreciated learning about the challenges – and opportunities – the matter can present to industry.” – Sean Owens, Lecturer in International Tourism Management at Manchester Metropolitan University

“I enjoyed it! Went into detail on a subject I care about but quite honestly knew very little about”; “super helpful”; “definitely one of the topics I’ve enjoyed more than the others” – from the students themselves

2. The power of our generation to change world (1 hour)

Social impact is defined as a significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge, and it is something that each one of us can, indeed impact, in our professional roles. Join Helen Usher, Social Impact expert and responsible tourism consultant, as she delivers an insight into the role of businesses to make lasting impact on the planet. Including the power of positive collaboration with charities, and, what impact we, as the next generation, can make through our future in the working world.

“Helen provided a captivating presentation and discussion on social impact to our Business Masters students. Her enthusiasm and passion for driving positive change of a critical social challenge was engaging and thought provoking. The students really appreciated the way that she linked academic theories, the sustainable development goals and sustainability reporting tools with her practical experience and real life examples and 100% found it interesting. An absolute professional with an impressive knowledge.” – Dr Samantha Miles, Oxford Brookes University & Business School

“Engaging, interesting topic we could relate to, real examples used”; “Helen concentrated on the CSR issues critically, linking the theory with her practical experience” – from the students themselves