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ATTA / ANIMONDIAL Online Training Course

In collaboration with the Adventure Travel Trade Association, ANIMONDIAL is delivering an educational course for travel and tourism professionals to help them navigate the complexities of the topic, learn how to identify and minimise negative impact, and where possible, maximise benefits to animals and nature.

Consider this course an integral part of your business as you build back better and strive to play your part in halting biodiversity loss and climate change.

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Protecting animals and nature involved in tourism, and the animals and people indirectly affected by its operation, has become a topic of increasing importance. Fundamentally, animals and nature are vital to tourism and the destinations we love to visit. Through adopting the right policies and procedures your company can help bring greater value and protection to animals and nature, fulfil your CSR and SDG obligations, and achieve Net Zero.

  • Expect a deep-dive into animal- and nature-based tourism
  • Consider animal welfare, the importance of nature, and social impact
  • Guidance on how to navigate the topics’ complexities
  • Advice on what animal-based activities to sell, and what not to sell
  • The tools required to mitigate risk, safeguard clients, protect local livelihoods, and ensure best practice

Everything you need to know to become a leader in animal and nature protection in tourism!

As travel enthusiasts, we already know the importance of nature and what it uniquely brings to many destinations across the world. This course provides you the means to better manage animals in tourism and help to safeguard nature for future generations.

What makes this course different?

  • Expertise delivered from skilled trainers and consultants in the field of animal and biodiversity protection in tourism
  • Capture the big picture and then nail down how to get to work in your own operations through Individual assessment worksheets and globally relevant resources
  • Case studies in adventure tourism and knowledge-building through the lens of non-governmental organisations
  • Guidance to help you address the drivers of both biodiversity loss and climate change, which are driven by the same human activities