“Nature is essential to Travel & Tourism. It is integral for sector growth and prosperity, from its vital ecosystem services to the uniqueness it provides global destinations. More than that, nature supplies clean air, fresh water and food, it supports human development and our resilience to viral pandemics, and offers solutions to climate change. Without nature, there is no plan B.”*

Nature Positive & Net Zero obligations, as set out by the Kunming-Montréal Global Biodiversity Framework and the Glasgow Declaration (on Climate Action in Tourism), require businesses to regularly monitor, assess, and disclose your business’ risks, dependencies & impacts on biodiversity.

Necessary action to halt biodiversity loss and ensure nature’s recovery

To minimise your business operational impact on nature and to help build back biodiversity, it is vital to understand how your company operations and activities, as well as supply and value chains, impact on animal welfare, biodiversity, natural resources, and Indigenous and local communities.

Work with ANIMONDIAL to integrate biodiversity values, assess your dependency on nature, reduce negative impacts and offer your customers experiences that build back nature.

NATOUR IMPACT –  the Nature Positive Tourism Evaluation Tool 
Discover your impact on animals and nature and identify how to better protect and restore biodiversity in the destinations you visit.

Assisting your business to define its Nature Positive commitment, select the right products and excursions, audit suppliers against industry standards, create policy and deliver trainings, and support customer communications.

Source ANIMONDIAL-Approved, grassroots, community-led projects and experiences that protect and restore nature.

Travel and Tourism have an opportunity to become a force for good by valuing biodiversity and nature in global destinations and influencing its better protection. Let’s work towards an animal-friendly, Nature Positive, Low Carbon future.

Fulfil UN Sustainable Development Goals and so much more

By following ANIMONDIAL’s Nature Positive Tourism Roadmap, businesses can meet the recommendations of industry experts and requirements of standards including UN Sustainability Goals (and many more, see here).
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