All members are endorsed by APN as providing responsible and credible nature-based activities and wildlife-friendly experiences. The tiers of membership reflect their chosen level of engagement with APN.

INSPIRE (tier 2)


The Barbados Environment Conservation Trust is a Registered Charity established in 2019, who’s vision is via supporting local initiatives aimed at environmental sustainability, Barbados will attain its targets in national development. With a primarily tourist economy, Barbados relies heavily on its environmental resources as part of its tourism product. Boasting some of the world’s best sun, sea and sand, the preservation of marine and terrestrial spaces is a key component for economic productivity.

ENGAGE (tier 1)

Care facility in Greece for rescued marine wildlife and ex-captive dolphins Protecting dolphins and turtles in the Spanish Mediterranean with onboard volunteers The Tam Dao Sanctuary, Vietnam, cares for bears rescued from the bile trade
Habitat restoration and environmental education in Malaysia with communities and volunteers Sanctuary in Cameroon saving primates from the illegal bushmeat and pet trades Wildlife rescue centre in Guatemala with rehabilitation / release programme and visitor centre
Protecting turtles in Mexico with nest relocation, local education and international volunteers Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica with volunteer and visitor experiences Protecting Sri Lanka’s environment through an integrated landscape approach to conservation management
Protecting feral honey bees in Switzerland and promoting sustainable beekeeping Protecting turtles on Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands with volunteers and ecotourism Funding nature regeneration projects to protect and restore Scotland’s rich biodiversity
Protecting tigers and orangutans through community development and tourism in Sumatra Working with local communities to bring elephants home to the forest Protecting turtles and marine ecosystems while supporting communities on Lamu island, Kenya
Protecting Costa Rica’s turtles with volunteers through rescues, nest relocation and research Conducting whale shark research and fostering community-focused conservation in the Maldives Protecting the Leuser ecosystem with tree planting, patrols and community empowerment
Protecting turtles and their habitats through rescue, research and outreach in the Maldives Community-led native oyster and seagrass restoration in Argyll and Wester Ross, Scotland Committed to protecting local cetaceans through research, awareness and education
Chimpanzee sanctuary in Sierra Leone with ecotourism and outreach programmes Restored wetland and sanctuary for Grey Crowned Cranes in Rwanda with walking trails Protecting a future for elephants and people around Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Stewarding the regeneration of Walkers Reserve, a model for climate resilience in Barbados


We also work with like-minded organisations around the world to engage with potential APN members and provide complementary support.


The Conservation Collective is a global network of local environment foundations, rooted in their communities, working to protect the environment, restore nature and safeguard against climate change. Our goal is to bring new channels of support for environmental protection, and to get it into the hands of the people closest to the problems and therefore best suited to provide the solutions.


Lamu Environment Foundation (LEF) raises funds from individuals and businesses to support grassroots environmental projects across Lamu County, Kenya. Encompassing varied ecosystems such as mangrove, seagrass, coral, marine, savannah and over 60 islands, the area suffers from human-wildlife conflict, drought, land degradation, high levels of poverty and civil unrest. LEF supports locally-led conservation projects to protect, preserve and restore ecosystems while supporting sustainable livelihood creation and raising environmental awareness.


SEE Turtles connects people with sea turtles in meaningful, personal and memorable ways. Their Conservation Tours – which can include volunteer activities and meeting local conservationists – provide unique, hands-on experiences that directly benefit sea turtle conservation. They run the Too Rare To Wear campaign against the illegal tortoiseshell trade and the Billion Baby Turtles program that funds turtle nesting beaches around the world, and manage the Travelers Against Plastic awareness campaign.


The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is a global network of partners working together to address some of the most pressing issues facing cetaceans and their ocean habitats. For almost a decade, the WCA has endeavoured to benefit and protect whales, dolphins, porpoises and their environments around the world. We believe that real change comes from working in partnership, whether it’s with individuals, communities, organisations, institutions or governments.