Bringing compassion to animals in tourism.

Tiger Temple (photo: Chaz McGregor) and Wild tiger at Bandhavgarh National Park, India (photo: Sam Power)

‘ANIMONDIAL has been one of the first organisations who believed in the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary and supported its creation since the very early stages. The conservation world is in great need of companies like ANIMONDIAL who have animal welfare in their heart and can create bridges linking people who share the same values and want to create a real difference in the protection of wildlife.’
– Anastasia Miliou, Scientific Director, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

What is the Animal Protection Network?

The Animal Protection Network (APN) is an international membership group of reputable conservation organisations (NGOs) and community-based projects that strive to protect animals and conserve the world’s biodiversity. Together we engage and empower the travel and tourism sector to influence the better protection of animals involved in tourism and support the sustainable use of natural resources. Bringing compassion to tourism.

We are driven by the belief that animal and nature protection is best achieved at the community level, working with local people in their own communities, but connected internationally through this global partnership. This ensures that community-based projects and initiatives receive the national or international recognition that they deserve, whilst delivering practical and sustainable solutions that benefit animals, nature, and people.

Coordinated by ANIMONDIAL, advocates of responsible animal tourism, this initiative combines capacity-building support and promotion, with the benefits of positive tourism sector engagement. Enabling travel businesses opportunities to source information, support trusted meaningful projects, and offer their customers unique and inspiring experiences.


Members of the Network will benefit from ANIMONDIAL’s extensive knowledge and experience advising the tourism sector on all matters concerning animal and species protection, social impact, and corporate partnerships. This includes the development of numerous international guidelines, policy, and trainings, now widely used within the sector.

‘ANIMONDIAL is an organisation whose time has come. The founder’s vision for a world of compassionate travel where corporations and tourists work together to ensure humane and sustainable excursions is laudable and I dare say no one has more expertise than Mr. Turner in how to bring this vision into reality. ANIMONDIAL’s work will quickly become the gold standard in responsible travel.’
– Adam M. Roberts, former Global CEO, Born Free Foundation

No matter the size or capacity of your organisation or project, the Animal Protection Network comprises of three levels of membership, each offering opportunities to help your project(s) thrive. Delivering benefits that will:

  • Recognise your organisation or project as a reputable operation that protects animals, wildlife, or nature, by being listed on the Animal Protection Network webpage.
  • Promote your work to a growing network of travel industry representatives and contacts through a variety of communications channels and direct engagements.
  • Identify opportunities for pro bono support and funding opportunities. To date, ANIMONDIAL has secured members €350,000 in funding, as well as free tech support.
  • Provide access to capacity-building services, including project and strategy development, corporate partnership prospecting, data analysis, and public affairs.
  • Offer opportunities to contribute to industry standards/guidelines or showcase your work at a tourism-focused engagement (wherever possible).
  • Help to optimise project(s) output by receiving expert guidance and mentor support. This includes our partners, NATUCATE, for projects that wish to benefit from tourism income and operate as a successful tourism experience.
  • Support the launch of your pioneering projects as industry firsts! From creating ‘The world’s first sanctuary for rescued dolphins’ to a humane solution for captive Asian elephants in tourism, or stray companion animals, ANIMONDIAL can help secure the necessary funding and partnerships.

What are the costs of joining the Animal Protection Network?

During this very difficult financial period we wish to ensure membership is affordable for all. Our current membership plans start from FREE for level 1, whilst levels 2 and 3 are at an affordable fee to cover more support, benefits and opportunities.

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How do I join?

Please complete the Animal Protection Network application form to express your interest.

This is followed by an initial call to understand more about your organisation / project and ensure compliance with our requirements. For further details or questions regarding the application process, please contact us.