Positive partnerships for nature and travel

The Animal Protection Network (APN) is an international membership group of reputable, community-based conservation and welfare organisations that strive to protect animals and preserve the world’s biodiversity.

Improving your Animal Footprint includes taking positive steps to PROTECT animals and RESTORE nature. Working with APN Members provides assurance that your partners are genuine, credible organisations following best practice in animal welfare and biodiversity conservation. We can even find suitable projects to fit your needs or check that your current partners and suppliers meet our industry-leading standards. Why not make the APN part of you Nature Positive journey?

There is no charge for organisations to apply to or join the Animal Protection Network at the basic level. Advantages of membership include: 

  • Listing as an APN Member
  • Use of the ANIMONDIAL Approved APN stamp
  • Support and advice from experienced team
  • Access to promotional opportunities through tourism partnerships
  • Connections with ANIMONDIAL’s wider network
  • Additional and affordable support packages available

We are driven by the belief that animal and nature protection is best achieved at the community level, working with local people in their own communities, but connected internationally through this global partnership. This ensures that community-based projects and initiatives receive the national or international recognition that they deserve, whilst delivering practical and sustainable solutions that benefit animals, nature, and people. Our APN initiative combines capacity-building support and promotion with the benefits of positive tourism sector engagement.

How do I join?

Please complete the Animal Protection Network application form to express your interest.

This is followed by an initial call to understand more about your organisation / project and ensure compliance with our requirements. For further details or questions regarding the application process, please contact us.

What our members say

‘ANIMONDIAL has been one of the first organisations who believed in the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary and supported its creation since the very early stages. The conservation world is in great need of companies like Animondial who have animal welfare in their heart and can create bridges linking people who share the same values and want to create a real difference in the protection of wildlife.’ – Anastasia Miliou, Scientific Director, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

‘Partnering with ANIMONDIAL, an organisation fully committed to animal welfare, is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the crucial work that we do in primate conservation. Their reputation and experience in the field of humane and sustainable tourism are opening new doors for us, and we’re eager to discover what we can achieve together in the future.’
– Rachel Hogan, OBE, Director, Ape Action Africa

‘BECT is ready and excited for its partnership with ANIMONDIAL. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the work of our grant recipients reaches not only wider audiences but is part of ANIMONDIAL’s global commitment in its work on animal protection and conservation. It is through this collective voice we will truly not only raise awareness but garner action towards protecting our natural resources.’ – Tamaisha Style, Executive Director,  Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust