IT’S TIME TO ACT. Protecting and restoring the natural world is now recognised as integral to minimising climate change. Save nature and save ourselves.

As a travel provider, take a few minutes to discover your impact on animals and nature, and how you can better protect and restore biodiversity in the destinations you visit. This free survey gives a glimpse into your own ANIMAL FOOTPRINT but consider it as the very start of your journey to understanding your wider impact and what measures are necessary to build back better for animals and nature.

ANIMAL FOOTPRINT Evaluation and Education Tool

A world first, ANIMAL FOOTPRINT is an evaluation and education tool that is an integral part of your sustainability efforts. It provides a deep-dive assessment of your performance across the intrinsically-linked areas of climate change, biodiversity, sustainability, and animal welfare. It encourages nature-based solutions to combat biodiversity loss, nature degradation and climate change. Helping you play your part.

Benefiting from ANIMONDIAL’s award-winning services, your business and your supply chain will be guided through a step-by-step approach to minimise negative impact and maximise opportunities for improvement. This ensures the better protection of animals and nature, whilst supporting local livelihoods, society, and economy.

Five ways ANIMAL FOOTPRINT can support your business

Guiding you through the complexity

Animal and nature protection in tourism is highly complex, considering the millions of different species in many different circumstances. Delivered by ANIMONDIAL, world leading Animal Welfare and Tourism sector experts, we will help you slice through the complexity and support you and your team every step of the way.

Aligning with and supporting best practice global guidelines

Including: ABTA’s Animal Welfare Guidelines, Aichi Biodiversity Targets, Business for Nature, EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking, Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Industry Criteria, IPBES-IPCC Workshop Report Recommendations, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Travelife for Tour Operators Criteria, WTTC Declaration on Illegal Wildlife Trade, UNEP-WCMC Tackling Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss Together, and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Life On Land; Life Below Water; Climate Action, Partnerships for the Goals, Responsible Consumption and Production, Public Health, Reduced Inequalities, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Meeting a growing demand for responsible tourism

Helping you:
  • Align all your activities to minimise negative impact on the natural environment, whilst identifying and adopting measures to better protect animals and nature – the growth pillar of responsible travel.
  • Inform, inspire and empower your employees across all departments of your business, and your destination partners and suppliers, to ensure responsible product delivery.
  • Act responsibly and sustainably grow your business.

Providing accountability +

So much more than an award, ANIMAL FOOTPRINT provides a deep-dive assessment of your impact on animals and nature, where you are doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement. It is a new, robust standard that will demonstrate your commitment to protecting and restoring the natural world.

Giving back

Source ANIMONDIAL-approved, nature-based and community-led projects and experiences to enhance your tours and itineraries, or benefit from your giving – another opportunity to show your customers that you care. Your participation fee will include a donation to support ANIMONDIAL’s Animal Protection Network members of community-led projects and experiences.

Let’s make 2022 a year for biodiversity!

Nature sustains us, yet we fail to respect it, instead we drain and destroy the natural world at an alarming rate. It is no longer sufficient to conserve what is left, we need to restore the biodiversity lost to save nature to save ourselves. 

Previously-set protection targets are no longer considered enough. Higher targets – including the effective protection of a minimum of 30% of land and sea by 2030 – are now considered essential to mitigate disastrous consequences for us all. We are confident in nature’s resilience to restore itself, but it can only do this if we respect it. We must all play our part to give it a chance. 

* SOURCE: Global Deal for Nature – Science Advances April ‘19

JOIN US! Be one of our 30×30

We are seeking 30 socially-conscious travel providers to be the first to join ANIMAL FOOTPRINT by 30th December 2022. Our first 30 businesses will receive a free Animal Protection Toolkit. Will you rise to the challenge?

ANIMAL FOOTPRINT is uniquely placed to help you make a real difference

» Find out how it supports Climate Action, Global Health, Local Guardianship, Biodiversity and Animal Welfare.