ANIMONDIAL provides travel businesses, both large and small, with all their animal welfare and species protection needs.

Camel riding (photo: heather Ramsden) and Dorsal fin pull with captive bottlenose dolphins (photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals)
We can guide you on the first tentative steps of a brand-new journey or help refine an already trodden, yet unexplored path. From our basic services that ensure you meet the relevant Sustainable Development Goals and GSTC-D criteria, to offering you bespoke services to enhance your brand and influence industry-wide change.

We offer impartial advice and practical guidance to help mitigate risk, establish and integrate policy, and develop best practice standards or guidance that enhance your brand, customer engagement and sales.


Creation of your animal protection policy

Express the importance of animal welfare protection in tourism through external and internal communications that define your specific animals in tourism commitment.

Audley Logo ‘ANIMONDIAL’s insight and clear expertise on animal welfare in tourism, has significantly improved our understanding of the issues at stake. Their guidance in reviewing our animal experiences and helping us develop our animal welfare policies has been invaluable.’
– Jim Millwood, Audley Travel

Integrate your policy throughout the business

Embed your animal welfare commitment in all functions of your business with customised trainings to your colleagues, eLearning content and defining actions that fulfil your policy objectives.

ANIMONDIAL Animal Welfare Workshop

KUONI logo ‘The training delivered by Helen and Daniel was excellent and we had such positive feedback from all those who attended. ANIMONDIAL helped shape our animal welfare guidelines and the training involved all stakeholders from the UK business. Their knowledge of the subject is outstanding and the training was delivered in a way which helped everyone understand why the topic is so important and definitely helped inform the way our teams work. I’d have no hesitation recommending the ANIMONDIAL team, they have been and continue to be an invaluable support.’
– Rachel O’Reilly, Head of Communications, Kuoni UK

Daniel Turner and Helen Usher, Directors of ANIMONDIAL, are interviewed by Rachel O’Reilly, Head of Communications, Kuoni UK, about DER Touristik Group’s Animal Welfare Commitment.

Undertake a product portfolio health check

Ensure your animal-based activities or excursion portfolios are suitable for your brand, conform to appropriate animal welfare standards and ensure customer safety. Substitute inappropriate product for responsible alternative experiences available from ANIMONDIAL’s trusted Animal Protection Network.

‘Our guests trust us to make the best decisions about who we work with and what types of products and services we purchase. Animal welfare is important to us, and our product offerings need to relate to these values. It was important to us to work with experts who could review all of our offerings, give us thorough research, and help us determine whether our vendors met our expectations. That’s why we chose to work with ANIMONDIAL because we were confident that we will be empowered to make the right decisions.’
– John Sutherland, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Collette Travel

Audit suppliers against appropriate standards

Ensure your suppliers of animal experiences comply with minimum to best practice standards in animal welfare. ANIMONDIAL supports third-party auditors providing professional and reliable animal welfare assessment services.

‘We are delighted to have joined forces with ANIMONDIAL to incorporate new consultancy services aimed at animal welfare protection in the industry. ANIMONDIAL possesses a deep knowledge and expertise in a vast array of issues relating to animal welfare, and we are very much looking forward to building a successful partnership together.’
– Dr Esteban Delgado, Chairman and Technical Director, Preverisk

Promote your brand as a leader in animal welfare

Once your animal welfare in tourism commitment has been defined, it is now time to shout about it! ANIMONDIAL can help you ensure accurate, effective and inspirational communication of your responsible animal policy and products through bespoke marketing, PR, sales and customer service guidance.

Der Touristik logo‘ANIMONDIAL has helped us to established policies and detailed guidelines that allow us a joint approach within the DER Touristik Group and our network of partners when dealing with animal experiences. With its wealth of expertise ANIMONDIAL has helped us to significantly raise our capacity in all issues related to animal welfare and we are grateful for the valuable cooperation.’
– Ulrike Braun, Head of Sustainability, DER Touristik Group

Influence meaningful change

Offering an alternative to ‘stop sale’, ANIMONDIAL offers travel businesses the opportunity to modify product and create responsible alternative experiences. This is an opportunity to offer something special to your customers and to proactively support local responsible suppliers. From establishing responsible whale watching and dog sledding, to supporting collaborative initiatives to safeguard captive Asian elephants and provide lifetime sanctuary for dolphins. Join ANIMONDIAL’s animal protection in tourism revolution!

‘Hiding from a difficult situation doesn’t stop it from happening, so those times when my knee jerk reaction was to take something off sale, ANIMONDIAL allowed me to see and understand that the repercussions of this action could actually be more detrimental than the activity itself. Effective change requires collaboration and communication; to learn from one another and together look for alternative solutions. This insight from ANIMONDIAL, their experience, undoubtedly help align our animal protection policy with our true ethos; being responsible in everything we do.’ – Prue Stone, Head of Sustainability, Explore!

Support community-based animal-friendly projects

Help us find solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing animals in tourism. ANIMONDIAL is uniquely placed to offer travel businesses an introduction to vetted NGOs and community-based projects that actively protect animals. Fulfil your CSR or social purpose commitment, incorporate alternative experiences in your holiday offerings and choose from a variety of projects that need your in-kind or financial support.

Rickshaw Travel Logo‘With the help of ANIMONDIAL, we connected with Mahouts Elephant Foundation, not just supporting elephants, but also the local people! We sponsored the football team of Huay Pakoot in Thailand who take part in the regional Karen community tournament. This was a fun and unique way to give back and promote the work of a great project.’
– Jennifer Parker, Head of Meaningful Travel, Rickshaw Travel

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