The most natural gift

Here at ANIMONDIAL we will be wrapping up early for Christmas, closing the office from December 17th so we can focus on a different kind of wrapping. We’ll be using the time to unwind amid the seasonal chaos, recharge our batteries, and come back with renewed energy and determination for our 2022 Year for Biodiversity! (Watch this space …)

But in the meantime we’ll be contemplating the exquisite challenge of choosing gifts for our nearest and dearest. Because underneath the consumer frenzy of festive marketing, there is still a point and a purpose to Christmas presents. It is chance to show our appreciation for the people we care for, the people who have spent all year giving us joy, comfort and support – the people we couldn’t live without.

That’s why we think that Christmas is a perfect time to make a donation for wildlife. All through the year nature provides us with joy and comfort, and supports every aspect of our lives. It is easy to take all this for granted, to imagine that biodiversity is a bonus or a bolt-on that we could live without if we needed to. But the truth is that the natural places of the world are what keep it functioning – the water rising into the air to fall as rain, the soil secure on the ground to support our agriculture, the bees and butterflies pollinating our crops so they bear fruit. The beauty and wonder of nature are just the icing on the cake.

When we give a special present to a dear friend or family member it isn’t charity, it is a sign of recognition and thanks, and the happiness it brings them makes us happy. Maybe that is how we should think about giving for nature – not as charity, but as acknowledgement and appreciation for all the essential roles it plays in our lives. Making a donation to charity can feel awkward, but giving a gift to the wonderful world around us … Well, what could be more natural?

If you are wondering how to support nature this Christmas why not take a look at some of our Animal Protection Network members working around the world to look after their patch of paradise…

Happy holidays to you all!