The ‘Animal Welfare in Tourism Starter Kit’ has been designed as a guidance for small to medium-sized travel businesses that wish to maximise the benefit, and minimise the negative impact, of their activities on animal welfare and species protection.

Animal Welfare in Tourism Starter Kit – Official Trailer (November 2018) – REGISTER below for your copy of the Starter Kit and to view the complete film (with specific guidance for product and sales teams).

The Starter Kit consists of a guidance manual for business-wide use, and a film specifically produced to aid product management and sales teams – all for the introductory price of £200. This comes with an offer of a FREE initial consultation to find out how we can best support the individual needs of your business.

Rickshaw Travel Logo‘It’s our hope, here at Rickshaw Travel, that by sharing our own approach to animal welfare we might be able to help more small and medium sized businesses get started on their animal-friendly journey.’ – Jennifer Parker, Rickshaw Travel

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ANIMONDIAL and Rickshaw Travel join forces!

Created through a collaboration of the UK travel business, Rickshaw Travel, and ANIMONDIAL, the guidance aims to inform and prepare travel businesses wanting to understand the complex topic, review their practices, and include animal welfare safeguards throughout their business.

Further impartial advice and practical guidance is available through ANIMONDIAL’s extensive services. Signing up to ANIMONDIAL’s newsletter will keep you abreast of animal welfare in tourism matters, additional Starter Kit materials, offers on ANIMONDIAL’s services, information on trusted NGO partners and key industry events.

‘This kit is a great starting place for travel businesses seeking to understand and promote animal welfare in the tourism experience. It offers a pathway to help enhance the welfare of animals and the people linked to them. In particular, the advice to ‘work with’ animal attractions to improve animal welfare rather than to simply drop them from company itinerary is priceless. While it may be the harder option, it is the best way to enact beneficial change.’ – Professor Neil Carr, co-author of Tourism and Animal Welfare (CABI, 2018) and co-editor of Wild Animals and Leisure: Rights and welfare (Routledge, 2018) and Domestic Animals, Humans, and Leisure: Rights, Welfare, and Wellbeing (Routledge, 2018)

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    ‘The Animal Welfare Starter Kit is a practical document to help small travel companies to start implementing an animal welfare policy.’ – Xavier Font, Professor of Sustainability Marketing,
    University of Surrey

    ‘The Animal Welfare in Tourism Starter Kit should help travel businesses understand animal welfare in the context of tourism, which could have a major beneficial effect on animals and will appeal to the vast majority of tourists who have concerns about animal welfare and other aspects of sustainability.’
    – Donald M. Broom, Emeritus Professor of Animal Welfare and co-author of Tourism and Animal Welfare, CABI 2018