ANIMONDIAL offers a broad range of high quality, complementary services to cover all your animal welfare in tourism needs. We can guide you on the first tentative steps of a brand-new journey or help refine an already trodden, yet not fully explored path.

Whether you seek expert group training from industry-leaders, introductions to incredible new charitable experiences to inspire customers and add to your product portfolio, or you hope to establish your own animal welfare policy, ANIMONDIAL will help you fulfil your objectives by:

Bringing everyone together

Working with travel businesses, NGOs and governments, key stakeholders are encouraged to work together and think collaboratively about the impact of tourism and find viable solutions for the animals and the destination.

Improving knowledge

Through the development and delivery of guidance and training, customised to need, Partners are ensured access to impartial, accurate information to encourage animal-friendly choices.

Developing new positive strategies

Identifying the root cause of an issue and measuring its impact, a bespoke strategy will engage key stakeholders, manage impact and deliver meaningful change.

Supporting better practice

Upholding ABTA’s Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism, and other standards or legislation that aim to better protect animals, supportive materials and tools will aim to improve implementation and deliver better results.

Leading the travel industry by good example

Identifying ground-breaking initiatives and viable strategic partnerships, travel businesses have the means to invest in responsible alternatives, identify philanthropic opportunities and enhance their brand. Whilst destination-based NGOs receive much needed support.

Inspiring change

ANIMONDIAL clients are encouraged to share their experiences and inspire their peers to bring compassion to tourism and improve the protection of animals, natural habitats and local people in tourism destinations.

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