ANIMONDIAL - Bringing compassion to tourism

ANIMONDIAL is a unique consultancy working in partnership with travel businesses, not-for-profit organisations (NGOs) and governments to manage tourism’s impact on animals, the natural environment and local communities in global destinations.

Our mission

Bringing compassion to tourism. Seeking to maximise the benefit, and minimise the impact, of tourism on animal welfare and the natural environment through effective communication and strategic partnerships.

The issue

Animal tourism, whereby tourists interact with animals as part of the holiday experience, is a significant proportion of an increasing global market. By 2030, annual tourist arrivals are expected to exceed 1.8 billion (UNWTO), placing destinations and their natural resources under significant strain. Studies have indicated that many of the animal based activities compromise animal welfare, threaten their survival and place customers at risk. These in turn damage company reputations and turn away custom. There is an urgent need to educate travel businesses, the tourist and governments to ensure holiday destinations can be enjoyed for years to come.

How we help

To bring organisations together to develop and deliver practical solutions for tourism in global destinations. ANIMONDIAL works with its Partners to:

  • educate on the importance of animal protection in tourism
  • identify, measure and manage the impact of tourism activities
  • improve the protection of animals and natural habitats in global destinations
  • encourage investment in responsible alternatives
  • inspire others to embrace animal-friendly tourism

Humpback whale and squirrel monkey